Network & Wi-Fi

Learn about how to connect to the Massasoit Secure network and other network-related services.

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Pinned Article Connecting to the Massasoit Secure Wireless Network

How to connect to the Wi-Fi network at Massasoit.

Accessing Shared Folders From Off-Campus

How to access shared folders from off-campus.

Connecting to the Massasoit VPN

A guide for connecting to the Massasoit VPN.

Eduroam: How do I connect to the wireless network?

Instructions for accessing the eduroam network at any participating institution.

Eduroam: How do I connect?

How to connect to the Eduroam Wireless Network, used to enable access to WiFi networks at member institutions worldwide.

Eduroam: What is it?

Description of the eduroam wireless network.

Internet Options

This article highlights some of the high-speed internet options available to students and employees.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Access

Campus Map identifying locations of strong WIFI signal.

Telecommuting Resources

Get ready to work remotely with this telecommuting guide.

Tips for improving your off-campus internet service

Tips for improving your off-campus internet service.

VPN: Do I need a VPN connection?

Describes when a VPN account is needed or not needed.

Connecting to the Massasoit Guest Network

How to connect to the Guest network at Massasoit.