Internet Options

Campus Wi-Fi

  • Massasoit-Secure and Massasoit-Guest WiFi networks are both operating normally.
  • Click here to view a campus map that identifies the strongest outdoor WiFi reception.


  • Eduroam allows you to use your Massasoit credentials at other participating locations.
  • Visitors to any Massasoit campus can use their credentials from their home institution (if that institution is also a participant).
  • The Eduroam site includes a coverage map to locate participating institutions.

Keep Americans Connected

  • More than 80 telecommunications companies, including Xfinity and Cox, have signed the Keep Americans Connected Pledge.
    • Companies have opened up their hotspots to non-customers
    • Late fees will be waived
    • Service will not be terminated

Commercial Programs

  • Comcast's Internet Essentials is a low-cost broadband internet program for qualifying participants. See the Comcast site for details.

Regional Open Wi-Fi

  • Massasoit has canvassed the region and identified this list of open Wi-Fi locations.
  • Massasoit is not responsible for the security or privacy of these networks.
  • These organizations are occasionally polled to ensure they're safe, open, and amenable to occasional drop-in for WiFi usage, but as with any open public Wi-Fi you will connect at your own risk.


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