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For students looking to access various Microsoft products through Azure Devops for Students.
Massasoit offers Microsoft Office 365 as a free download to faculty, staff, and active students.
Explanation of what the different versions of Teams looks like (#1)
Steps on how to share content during a Teams meeting for both desktop and mobile devices.
How to record a video or audio meeting in MS Teams
How to create a Teams meeting through your outlook calendar
How to check the status of your device camera prior to a Teams meeting.
How to send an Email to a Team Channel
How to add people to your Teams priority notification list.
Managing files in MS Teams
How to access the HELP feature in MS Teams
Accessing GMail through MyMassasoit
Accessing OneDrive through MyMassasoit.
Creating a Word document with Office 365.
Accessing web based Outlook through MyMassasoit.