Accounts & Access

Authentication and access to Massasoit academic and administrative systems, including MyMassasoit, Rave, and others.

Categories (2)

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Setup tutorials and information for MFA.

Password Reset

Learn about how to reset your MyMassasoit password, creating secure passwords, and what to do after changing your password.

Articles (7)

Pinned Article Student Account Life Cycle

What you need to know about how long a student account remains active.

Expired/Expiring Global Protect Password

What to do if Global Protect says your password is expiring or expired.

How do I use a Department Account?

Accessing college systems using a shared department-level user account.

How to Use Temporary Admin Rights

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the temporary administrator credentials granted from ITS.

Rave Emergency Alerts - How to Update Contact Information

How to make sure you get alerts when the school closes due to weather or emergency.

Telecommuting Resources

Get ready to work remotely with this telecommuting guide.

Account Locking Issues

What to do if your account is locked or keeps locking.