Information Technology Services Policies

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Advising: FERPA Guidelines

FERPA guidelines for Massasoit Community College

Charter: College Technology Committee

The College Technology Committee advises the President’s Cabinet about current and future technology related issues and initiatives and submits recommendations to the Cabinet when appropriate.

Guidelines: Legal and Chosen/Preferred Name Usage

Guidelines for Name Usage in Reporting

Guidelines: Mobile Computing

There are special considerations in using mobile computing technology because of the increased risk of loss or theft. This policy offers best practices in computing with mobile technology including, laptop/notebook, tablet, PDA, and mobile storage hardware.

Policy: Acceptable Use

Provides a framework governing acceptable use of Massasoit Community College technology resources.

Policy: Business Continuity

The purpose of this policy is to define how Massasoit Community College (Massasoit) will prepare and respond to disruptions to availability of organizational information resources and define the process for the recovery.

Policy: Data Classification and Protection

The purpose of this policy is to establish a data classification scheme and set of protocols to ensure that Massasoit Community College remains in compliance with pertinent federal and Massachusetts state laws; to protect Massasoit students, faculty, and staff from unauthorized disclosure of confidential information; and to protect the College and its employees from financial and reputational harm.

Policy: Inventory Control

To ensure that all equipment, fixed assets, and surplus/obsolete property of the College are properly safeguarded, accounted for, and when appropriate, disposed of.

Policy: Mass Texting

Establishes guidelines for the appropriate use of texting at Massasoit Community College.

Policy: Technology Purchasing

The purpose of this policy is to provide direction and guidelines for technology related purchases and the planning of technology projects at the college, regardless of the funding source. For the purposes of this policy technology assets can include hardware, software, or any other technical resource required to complete a planned initiative.

Standard: Asset Life Cycle Guidelines

Outlines the typical lifecycle of our devices.

Standard: Banner Data Entry

These are the data entry standards for adding information to the Banner database.

Written Information Security Program (WISP)

The WISP sets forth Massasoit Community College’s procedures for evaluating its electronic and physical methods of accessing, collecting, storing, using, transmitting and protecting Confidential Information.