Accounts & Permissions

Services in this category include password reset, accounts and devices for new hires, access changes, and more.

Services (8)

Password reset

For password and authorization related issues. This includes being unable to login to MyMassasoit or the computers on campus.

Request Temporary Admin Rights

For requesting temporary administrative rights over your work computer.

Request access to technology for a new employee (including internal transfers)

For hiring managers to request ITS equipment, account creation, and other access for new employees.

Request additional technology access

This service is to request a modification of an employee's existing technology access, such as a new form in Banner, a new network share, or a new Argos report. Please note, this service must be requested on behalf of an employee by their supervisor.

Request access to a network file or folder

There are hundreds of network locations in which are stored millions of files that are used by a variety of faculty, staff and students across campus. Use this form to request access to those files as required by your position, job or class.

Request a Username change

ITS will change an account username one time per semester in accordance with our Account Policy

Employee termination

Remove technology access for employees who are ending their College service.

Request a service not listed in the Service Catalog

The service I need is not listed in the Service Catalog.