My Recently Visited Services

Report a problem connecting to the wired network.

Modify an existing report by adding output, changing the layout, or adding parameters.

Request a new Argos report.

For password and authorization related issues. This includes being unable to login to MyMassasoit or the computers on campus.

Request technology accessories such as docking station, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Request to reset my voicemail password.

All requests for mobile phones must be approved by Supervisors

Request access to an existing Argos report

VPN access may be available to authorized personnel. If you would like to request access, use the form attached to this service

This service provides help with the purchase and acquisition of new software.

Report a problem with a current report, including missing data or erroneous results.

Remove access for someone from an existing Argos report

Report an error that you have received while using one of our enterprise software solutions.

Arrange for audio-video equipment such as a laptop, projector, or document camera.

This service provides the option to change current phone features to an employee desk phone. Features include answering multiple extensions, adding additional quick dial extensions, adding quick dial 911, and others.

Report a general issue with a College computer, such as the computer does not turn on, you're receiving an error message, or the computer is unresponsive.

Information Technology Services can provide a wide array of event services for a large variety of event types. Offerings include everything from a small single-microphone setup to a large-scale live stream event in one of Massasoit's theatres. Recording services are NOT provided by ITS, but may be requested from the TV/Radio department.

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus.

This service provides help with the purchase and acquisition of new IT hardware.

For approved bring your own devices, request network access.

Request a new network jack

My phone has no dial tone, my message light isn't working, my phone won't ring, or my phone is going directly to voicemail.

Report a problem connecting to one of the wireless networks

Request a new voicemail box to give callers the ability to leave messages