Request access to a shared file or folder in SharePoint or on the network


There are hundreds of network and SharePoint locations in which are stored millions of files that are used by a variety of faculty, staff and students across campus. Access to most of this data is restricted to departments or individuals. In order to receive access to this data, Information Technology requires approval from the data owner: the person or persons who either created the data or has authority to provide permission to others. In most cases the access is within a department to a certain folder or set of folders for an individual. In other cases, there may be special access required by persons outside of a department. You can use this form to request access to any network folder that exists. Click on "Request Service" on the right to enter a request.

Available To

A request for network access must be completed by the owner of the network folder. 

Request Service


Service ID: 25003
Mon 12/11/17 11:35 AM
Fri 9/30/22 1:50 PM