Information Technology Services

Technology-related services, including hardware, software, and information access.

Categories (11)

Accounts & Permissions

Services in this category include password reset, accounts and devices for new hires, access changes, and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Services related to enterprise data requests and analysis, including Argos reporting from Banner, Degree Works, and other data systems.

Computers and Mobile Devices

View support services for desktops, laptops, and accessories, including equipment relocation and assistance.

Classrooms & Computer Labs

Request classroom audio-video support or report an issue in a computer lab

Network & Email

Report issues or request help with network connectivity, wired and wireless.

Software Applications

Support for MSOffice, Adobe, Banner, DegreeWorks, BDM, GradesFirst and all other software.

Technology Requisitions

Hardware requisitions, software licensing, and contracts as well as any related purchasing and renewal for the availability to the Massasoit community. Purchase requests should adhere to the College's Technology Purchasing Policy.

Phones & Voicemail

Support for College-provided phones and voice messaging.

Online Learning

Support for Canvas, eTutoring, and other online learning resources.

Printing & Scanning

Printing and scanning services such as scan-to-email, toner supplies, paper supplies, troubleshooting, and print funds.

Technology Training

Training topics include software features, audio-video equipment, and more.

Services (2)

CJIS Support

Support request for the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS)

Report a security issue

Report suspicious activity to Information Technology Services for further investigation to determine whether a security risk has been identified.