Classrooms & Computer Labs

Request classroom audio-video support or report an issue in a computer lab

Services (7)

Classroom technology tutorial

Learn how to use the technology installed in your classroom or computer lab.

Report a classroom technology issue

Request service for issues relating to any classroom and/or AV technology in a classroom. This can include the computer, projectors, audio issues, Blu-Ray players, etc.

Reserve classroom media equipment

Arrange for audio-video equipment such as a laptop, projector, or document camera.

Request new or replacement hardware for a classroom or computer lab

Request new hardware, including but not limited to audio-visual equipment and computers for students, for a classroom or computer lab.

Request for software to be updated in a computer lab

Make your request to have existing lab software updated to a new version.

Request new software for a computer lab

Make a request for software to be installed from one or all computer labs across campus. This service request is intended to be able to ask for new software to be installed that may not already be present, rather than updating any software that is already installed.

Request a service not listed in the Service Catalog

The service I need is not listed in the Service Catalog.