Documentation on campus telephone solutions, including desktop and cell phones, voicemail, and call routing.

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Pinned Article Making and receiving phone calls from home

Guide on how to use the Avaya Softphone service to make and receive calls from home using your office phone.

Create or Modify Voicemail Greeting

If you're going for a vacation and would like to update your outgoing voicemail message greeting or just started here at Massasoit, follow this guide to setup your voicemail.

Enabling Voicemail to Email

Turning on voicemail to email is simple. Follow these directions to get your voicemails wherever you are.

Reference Guide for New Phones

Guide on the basic features and functions of the phones located in offices and classrooms.

Retrieving Voicemails Off-Campus

Guide on how to listen to your voicemails without needing to be on campus.

Retrieving Voicemails On-Campus

Guide on how to listen to your voicemails using your office phone on campus.

Voice Mail: Moving Voice Mail Message Emails to a designated folder

Can messages notifying a person via Email be redirected to a separate folder for easier access?
When the Avaya phone system records a voice mail it sends an Email notification to the message recipiant's Outlook account (assuming that person's account has been set up accordingly). This article details the steps to follow within MS 365 Outlook (Web version) to create a designated folder and set up a rule to direct those voice mail messages to that folder.