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Services or Offerings?
Report a general issue with a College computer, such as the computer does not turn on, you're receiving an error message, or the computer is unresponsive.

Request new hardware, including but not limited to audio-visual equipment and computers for students, for a classroom or computer lab.

If your primary computer is approaching its end-of-life and has degraded performance, you can request a new one. Requests subject to budget considerations and technical merit.

Make a request for software to be installed from one or all computer labs across campus. This service request is intended to be able to ask for new software to be installed that may not already be present, rather than updating any software that is already installed.

Make your request to have existing lab software updated to a new version.

Request the installation of software either on your work computer or for use in a computer lab.

For requesting temporary administrative rights over your work computer.

Request assistance moving your computer or telephone equipment to another location on campus.

Request a technician assist with the troubleshooting of your computer software.

Learn how to use the technology installed in your classroom or computer lab.

For password and authorization related issues. This includes being unable to login to MyMassasoit or the computers on campus.

Request service for issues relating to any classroom and/or AV technology in a classroom. This can include the computer, projectors, audio issues, Blu-Ray players, etc.

For approved bring your own devices, request network access.

This service provides help with the purchase and acquisition of new IT hardware.

A software phone, or softphone, is software that can be installed on your Massasoit-issued device or mobile phone to mimic your desk handset.