How to Add a Department/Building Xerox Printer


  • How do I add a printer to my computer?
  • My department/office/building has a common printer and I'd like to use it.


Note: This article does not contain information on how to solve an issue with a printer not working as intended or appearing offline on your computer. Though removing and re-adding the printer is a good troubleshooting step, this may not solve your issue. Please contact the ITS Help Desk for support with any printing issues.

This article details how to set up a printer that is located on \\printserver. For instructions on how to set up a printer that is not located on \\printserver, click here. Setting up a non-shared desktop printer differs greatly from setting up a shared Xerox printer. 

  • Only Massasoit-owned devices can be used to follow these instructions and set up a department/building Xerox printer. Personal devices cannot connect to our secure networked printers.


Please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance with installing a printer on Mac. You can submit a ticket directly to ITS using the Service Catalogor contact the ITS Help Desk via phone at x1139 or email at

Windows 10 & 11

1. Open the Start Menu, type “\\printserver” into the search bar, and press Enter.

2. In the list of printers that opens, find the printer named after the location of the printer you’re looking for and double click on it.

3.  Once this window opens, the process of adding the printer is complete. You can close this window.


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