Account Locking Issues


  • My Massasoit account is locked.
  • I can't log in to my Massasoit account and am certain I know and am correctly typing in my credentials.
  • Why is my Massasoit account locking without me attempting to log into it?
  • How do I stop my Massasoit account from locking?


MyMassasoit accounts are set to lock after 10 unsuccessful login attempts. Locked accounts become unlocked after 15 minutes.

Sometimes, users may run into the issue of their account locking without having attempted to log in. If you think this may be happening to your account, here is some information about how to resolve it:

  • Most often, when an account locks without any of the user's attempts to log in, it is due to the account being set up on a device (like a phone, tablet, or laptop) to access the wi-fi or e-mail. If the account is set up on a device to access the wi-fi, for example, and the password is reset or entered wrong in the first place, the device may repeatedly attempt to use that password to authenticate the connection, which will eventually lock out the account. This will keep happening until the credentials are changed or removed from the device.
    • To resolve this issue, check all devices that you may use on or off campus to access the Massasoit wi-fi, e-mail, or other devices such as on campus printers. Either update the password saved in these areas or remove the access from the device to fix the issue.
  • If all possible devices have been checked for incorrectly set or outdated credentials in their wi-fi, e-mail, and any other areas where credentials can be saved and there are no traces of the account for the above reason to happen, submit a service request with ITS so that we can investigate why your account is being locked. If you still can't log in to your account but have checked your devices and don't see an issue, it's possible there is another issue such as your password being expired.
  • It is very rare that an account is being locked due to another person trying to log in to one's account, but it is possible. If ITS investigates a locking issue on your account and determines this to be true, steps will be taken to resolve it.
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