How to Send Mail Merges from a Shared Inbox in Microsoft Word


  • How do I send a Mail Merge from a departmental/shared email account?


IMPORTANT: In order to send a Mail Merge from another email address, the account must be added as an additional profile to Outlook. If your are unsure if an additional profile has been setup for you, please submit a ticket or contact the Help Desk. 

  1. Before starting the mail merge, close both Outlook and Word entirely. Be sure to exit the applications instead of minimizing them. 
  2. Once both are closed, open Outlook and select the profile that you are looking to send the merge from. The profile selection screen should pop up immediately if setup correctly and looks like this:

  3. Click the drop down and select the correct profile. Outlook should now open with the email address you are looking to send from.
  4. Now that Outlook has been setup, open Microsoft Word and select the document you are looking to mail merge.
  5. Click on "Mailings" within the menu options at the top of Word, then select "Start Mail Merge."

  6. The easiest way to proceed is using the Step By Step Mail Merge Wizard. Select this option from the dropdown menu.
  7. A window on the right hand side of Word will appear. Select Email Messages from the document type options:

  8. Follow the wizard according to the specifications required for the merge. A preset list must be created for the recipients of this message and can be uploaded within the wizard.
  9. Once you are satisfied with the document and are ready to send it, click "Finish and Merge" to complete the message. If you are signed into the correct Outlook profile, Word will send the message through the current address.



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