Changing and Setting Default Browser for Opening Links In Outlook


  • Why does my desktop Outlook application open links in Microsoft Edge and not in my preferred browser?


Your computer may not be configured to open links or other web-related content through your preferred browser, which causes issues such as SSO not recognizing that you have an active session already. Follow the instructions below to set up your default browser on your computer and have Outlook open links in your preferred browser.

Changing Default Browser in Windows:

  1. Open Windows Settings by clicking on the Windows Start logo (⊞) on the left end of the task bar or press the Windows key (⊞) on your keyboard. Select the gear-shaped icon labeled "Settings" to open Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, go to Apps > Default Apps and in the search bar for Set defaults for applications search for your preferred browser (i.e Chrome, Firefox).
  3. Select the browser you are looking for and select the Set Default button. Your selection will set the chosen browser as the default for all web-related activities. You can now close the Windows Settings window.


Configuring Outlook to Open Links in Preferred (Default) Browser:

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook application on your Windows computer:
    • Locate File on the ribbon
    • Select Options on the list to the left of the panel.
  2. Select Advanced and locate the File and browser preferences section:
    • There should be an option labeled Open hyperlinks from Outlook in: and a drop down with the default set to Microsoft Edge.
    • Select the drop down and choose ‘Default Browser’.
  3. Select OK at the bottom of the panel to save the changes. You should now be able to select a link in any email and it should open in the default browser configured in Outlook. If it does not open, Outlook may need to be restarted for the saved changes to take effect.



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