How do I replace a SharePoint document without breaking link to MyMassasoit portal?


  • As people manage content in college SharePoint drives, links to portal documents can be broken when a document is replaced with an updated version. How can I avoid this?



If possible, update in place

  • When updates are required in a Word or Excel document, the document can be edited by someone with the appropriate access. Saving the updated content is all that is required and the SharePoint link to the portal will be unaffected. 

To replace, use the same name and file type

  • If the new version of the document is edited or created elsewhere, such as a PDF, ensure that the new version has the exact same name and file extension when saved in the other location.
  • In the same SharePoint folder where the "old" version resides, click the Upload button, select Files, and navigate to the folder containing the new version. Select the file and click Open
  • When SharePoint detects that something has been selected, with the exact same name as the old file, it displays this pop-up:

pop-up to Replace file with new file

  • Select Replace to put the new file into SharePoint.
  • The SharePoint URL to the document should be unchanged. Verify this by clicking the link on the portal and confirming that the new version opens.
  • You can see older versions of the file by clicking the 3 vertical dots and selecting Version History. Click on the older version you want to view.
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