Using the Request for Professional Development Funding Form

Request for Professional Development Funding Form – Dynamic Forms Instructions

Submission of this form does not guarantee approval of your request. Keep in mind that most forms will need multiple approvals and should be submitted at least 2 to 3 weeks before the professional development opportunity is to take place.

The digital version of the Professional Development Form is constructed with built in routing and messaging. This form is designed to be routed to the appropriate staff for approval, and completion.

Always be sure your MyMassasoit Portal is open when creating or signing Dynamic Forms from links received in email or from documentation. If you are not already signed into the portal you may see a window asking for your Microsoft account information.

Step 1 – Form Initiator

If you have questions regarding your Professional Development request, please reach out to your manager or administrative assistant before submission. Please note: Prior to submitting your request for professional development funding, discuss your intentions with your immediate supervisor to ensure that you will be allowed the time away from your position and that the event meets the guidelines for funding.

  1. Please enter the name and email address of your dean (faculty) or immediate supervisor, then click on the Continue button. This information will be used to properly route your request for professional development so please make sure the email address entered is correct.

  1. Please indicate your employee classification by marking the appropriate box.



  1. Continue to complete the form by entering the required information indicated by a red asterisk.
    1. Employee Requesting Funding:
      1. Name
      2. Department
      3. College Email