Fix for "Enable XPS option for Printer" error


  • When I print, it comes out with an "Error Notice" saying "The job was not printed because the XPS option is not enabled. Contact System Administrator to enable XPS on this device".


  • To resolve this issue, you'll need to remove the printer giving the error and re-add it (we have created thorough documentation on adding a printer here)
  • Removing the printer can be done by going through the following steps:
  1. First open the windows start menu by hitting the windows key
  2. Click on settings
  3. Select Devices
  4. Click on Printers & Scanners
  5. Select the printer to remove and hit "Remove Device"
  6. Now that the printer is removed, please follow the steps to re-add it by clicking here

If you have any issues during this process or would like additional help, please contact the ITS Help Desk.


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Fri 10/5/18 9:28 AM
Mon 2/6/23 10:59 AM

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